20min. Counseling Sessions


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Counseling Sessions provide current students with the opportunity to meet with a counselor 1:1. These, up to 20-minute sessions, are available for the following services:

Counseling Sessions are available for sign up for up to 2-weeks in advance. Same-Day Counseling Sessions are also available starting at 9am each morning we are open, through the Counseling Sessions Scheduling page. There are a limited number of sessions available per day and then to fill up quickly. Must have a 10-digit User/Student ID number to use the online scheduler, if you don't have an ID number, please call our office at (619) 388-7840.

Please click the button below to schedule an in-person or online Counseling Session. 

If you need a specific accommodation, please provide advanced notice by calling 619-388-7840.

All students accessing online/remote counseling services must carefully read and agree to the INFORMED CONSENT Terms & Conditions before signing up for a Counseling Session.